Friday, July 23, 2010

Pictures of life aboard the USS Lucid in 1985

This link is to a private photo album containing 42 images of life aboard a US Navy Minesweeper the USS Lucid MSO 458, which was gutted and turned in to a civilian residence.
The above linked album is entitled "life aboard USS Lucid,1985-1986". Dan Keller is the album's owner and former Lucid resident.

The USS Lucid is very similar to the ship on which I called home from 1981 to 1985.

On the other hand, my residence was not quite a plushy. I lived at: USS Pluck MSO 464, rack number 2, compartment 1-14-0-L.

A group of very special and dedicated sailors and friends of sailors are working to restore the USS Lucid as a museum ship. Her home will be the historic Stockton waterfront, not far from the old Colberg boatworks, where similar minesweepers were built in the 1950's. Sadly, she did not stay in the condition depicted in the album. Much work has been done on this project, and much more is needed. Your help in making this happen would be very much appreciated, even a small donation. Click here for more information.

POST script:
It is mighty intriguing to think that photographs of the USS Lucid were taken during the same time that my ship was testing the PINS (Precise Integrated Navigation System, a minesweepiong navigation system devloped and tested by the USS Pluck in the mid 80's for the minesweepers now in service) in the bay area. We went up and down the entire bay, over and over, for days on end, all the while passing this historical ship, only one of two to escape being shredded in the scrapyard. Speaking of which, here are more photos in the MareIsland facility awaiting such a fate-USS Constant* and USS Excel.

*Constant was our sister ship during the period when we were attached to Mine Division five four.

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